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Lower Muskogee creek tribe

The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe is a remnant of the Original Muskogee Creek Confederacy, known as Creek Nation. We have three Treaties with the Colony of Georgia and 11 Treaties with the United States Government. After the Treaty of 1814, Andrew Jackson made the entire Creek Nation pay the cost of the Red Stick War by ceding lands of Southwest Georgia and Alabama. The United States Court of Claim ruled that this Treaty was made with the entire Muskogee Creek Nation, so the Land Payments of Docket 21 was paid to all descendants.

The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe was Recognized in State Law; GA Code Section 44-12-300. We continue to carry on the Tribal Government of the Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe. We have a five-member Executive Council and a nine-member Tribal Council. We hold Council meetings every quarter.

We continue to carry on our traditions and our culture. We have six Religious Ceremonies a year. They are Big Green Corn, Little Green Corn, Stick Ball Game, Harvest Busk, First Berry (Arber Greening) and Second Berry.

The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe holds Muskogee History Seminars and School Days for the local school children. This year, we are adding a Summer Youth Council that will be learning civics, basket making, mat making, sewing to learn to make their own clothing, cutting down the tree they need to make ball sticks, making the ball sticks and learning the rules to play the Stick Ball Game. The children will be taught the Muskogee Language as they are participating in the activities. On Saturday afternoons, they will be playing Stick Ball and Stomp Dancing.

Marian (Vonnie) McCormick is the Principal Chief of the Tribe. We have Chiefs for each of the Towns in our Tribe. We are located at 107 Tall Pine Drive, Whigham, Georgia 39897. Our website is We have a membership of approximately 2,800 members.

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