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Thank you for sending in a question or comment through the Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns (GCAIC) Web site. Here are some things to keep in mind as you provide your question or comment:

  • Please verify that your e-mail address is listed correctly. This is the only means of communication that GCAIC personnel will have to respond to your inquiry.
  • Your e-mail will be forwarded to an appropriate person. Please note, the council members serve without compensation in a volunteer capacity, without full-time staff. Correspondence may be prioritized and responded to as we are able.
  • If your question involves specific issues regarding artifact discovery, American Indian / Native American burial sites or remains, threats to cultural heritage sites, etc., be sure to provide as much information on the issue as you are able to (exact location of concern, ownership of artifacts or property in question, etc.). This can greatly expedite a response from the Council. Please be aware that the Council serves in an advisory capacity. While human burials and cemeteries are protected by both State and Federal regulations, the Council has no jurisdiction over development projects.
  • The GCAIC Open Records Officer is Christian Dane.


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