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Georgia tribes

State Recognition

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Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Council

Cherokee of Georgia received state recognition on March 1, 1988 and has 369 members. The Tribal Council is incorporated and has held 501(c)(3) nonprofit status since 1989 for their mission of maintaining a traditional Cherokee community, preserving and sharing culture and history. Read More

Georgia tribe of eastern cherokee

This is the preview text for the Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee Read More

The lower muskogee creek tribal

The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe is a remnant of the Original Muskogee Creek Confederacy, known as Creek Nation. We have three Treaties with the Colony of Georgia and 11 Treaties the United States Government. The Treaty of 1814, Andrew Jackson made the entire Creek Nation pay the cost of the Red Stick War by ceding the land of Southwest Georgia and Alabama. The United States Court of Claim ruled that this Treaty was made with the entire Muskogee Creek Nation, so the Land Payments of Docket 21 was paid to all descendants. Read More