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Cherokee of Georgia Tribal Council

Cherokee of Georgia received state recognition on March 1, 1988 and has 369 members.

The Tribal Council is incorporated and has held 501(c)(3) nonprofit status since 1989 for their mission of maintaining a traditional Cherokee community, while preserving and sharing their culture and history. The Tribal Grounds of 18.5 acres are located in St. George, Georgia. One of only a few in the country, the traditional seven-sided Council House is actively used for tribal functions. The Tribal Grounds and permanent facilities are ADA accessible and include a museum with cultural displays, dance arena, and stomp arbor. Cherokee of Georgia has hosted inter-tribal pow wows in St. George since 1980. These are open to the public with free admission. Throughout the year scouting and other groups visit the Tribal Grounds for campouts, field trips, and tours. Cultural presentations with displays are also held at local libraries, schools, activity centers, and events. In times of crisis Cherokee of Georgia has responded, delivering hurricane supplies and housing firefighters on the Tribal Grounds.

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